Thursday, January 27, 2011


Art n Life Market in Fahrenheit88 is cancelled due to their management's sudden probem.
We apologize for all inconveniences caused.
We will come back with a better plan very soon!


Saturday, January 22, 2011

Latest !

 Program for Opening Day, 29th Jan 2011 is READY!

Come and catch us up this day, only at
3rd Floor, Fahrenheit88!

To know more about our performers, check out our 'PERFORMANCE' column on top.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Welcome Mina & Queen (Malaysia) !

Mina米娜马来西亚国际中文版 &


(Mina Malaysia & Queen Malaysia)
will be at Art n Life Market throughout all weeks!
From 11.00am-8.00pm。
You can find their latest magazines on sale and also products from Taiwan's popular artists
(Kevin, & 陆小曼Lu Xiao Man)! 
They bring you what Taiwanese love in beauty and fashion!

Also, FREE reading their magazines at our Relaxing Area!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Latest version of Posters

Dear ALL,

Here are the latest version of posters.
You may download them and use for our promotions.
Support! Support! Support!

See you on 28th Jan 2010!
And don't forget 29th (Saturday) !

Friday, January 14, 2011


Art n Life Market's dates have changed! We are here to bring you MORE!
More privileges to everybody!

Old Date          New Date
22-23 Jan                         
                        29-30 Jan           28-30 Jan (Opening Week)
11-13 Feb          11-13 Feb
18-20 Feb          18-20 Feb
25-27 Feb          25-27 Feb

29th January 2011 as Opening Day!

Latest Calender
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Special Privileges to ALL Shoppers!

Dear visitors, for a minimum spent of RM 100 in one single receipt in any stall in Art n Life Market, Fahrenheit88, you are entitled for the following for FREE!!!
  1. Tour Package to Beijing, Guilin, Kota Kinabalu or Langkawi (Accomodation and Dining)
  2. Prosperity Gift Pack
  3. Discount Voucher from Lamasi Café
  4. One hour parking in Fahrenheit 88 
Please present your receipt at Art n Life Market's Info Counter to redeem the freebies!
Vendor's participation, please click here.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Acoustic Singers Performance

Performers: Kok, 丫丫兹 & 楚楚
Acoustic Singing Performance
Date and Time: 29-30/1 (Sat. & Sun.)


2010    歌曲入围《2010娱协奖独立原创歌曲》
            - 《妈妈》演唱:彭楚茵       
            - Mr Right不要耍赖》演唱:丫丫兹
2010    入围《2010娱协推荐新人》24强之一
2010    31/01 独立自资发行《Kok李诚洧DIY创作Demo专辑》
2009    2009 TVB8全球华人新秀冠军Yoke曾洁钰创作单曲《Mr Right不要耍赖》
2009    《透气》收录在【聆听大妈原创极品辑】
2009    签约为台湾华纳音乐版权旗下创作人
2009    ASTRO新秀2009原创冠军 - 《如果你是我找的人》

丫丫兹 梅婉宜

发表作品:     - 《花开》 郭小溦
- 《卡通人》 郭小溦
2010    所演绎的《Mr Right不要耍赖》入围《2010娱协奖独立原创歌曲》
2010    在《Kok李诚洧DIY创作Demo专辑》演绎三首歌曲
-Mr Right不要耍赖》
2008    随文集《我们的歌》发行《丫丫兹 我不要》创作Demo专辑

楚楚 彭楚茵

2010    在台湾《超级星光大道7》晋级为20
2010    所演绎的《妈妈》入围《2010娱协奖独立原创歌曲》
2010    在《Kok李诚洧DIY创作Demo专辑》演绎三首歌曲
2009    ASTRO新秀12

Monday, January 10, 2011

We are Calling for~

Vendors with
  • creative, unique or special items for sale
  • talent in handmade crafts (eg: painting, creative cuisine, soaps...)
  • young entrepreneurship ambition
  • We are providing you a platform to let your items be exposed, at a minimal rate of RM 70/day only, at the heart of Bukit Bintang - Fahrenheit 88!
  • Vendors are encouraged to join the market's promotion.

  • with talent or passion in performing music, dance, comedy, show, demonstration of skills or anything that you can think of!
  • If you need a platform to show up your talent, this is the place! We let you show, we let you promote yourself!
  • In volunteer basis (a token of appreciation will be arranged^^)
  • Space can be arranged to display your items like CDs, artworks, promotional flyers and business cards.
  • Time to be slotted in in anytime or any day of the 13 event days flexibly. However, it is based on a 1st come 1st served basis.
  • We welcome fresh, new and juicy ideas!!!
  • Write to us , we will reply you very soon.

  • Preferably from existing vendors or other outsiders
  • You can provide cash, discount/ cash vouchers, or even your products.
  • Your logo and link will be placed in the printing of our promotional tools (flyers, banners, buntings) and website!
  • Your sponsorship will be utilized in our promotions like freebies to lucky public, prizes for competition and token of appreciation to performers.
  • Propose to us if you have better idea of promotion!

  • Write to us , we will reply you very soon.