Very lucky, we've got them !

Lion Dance Performance
Date: 29th January 2011 (Saturday), 3.00pm

Acoustic Singing Performance
Performers: Soundscape Hazard Reproduction (SHR)
Date: 29th Jan 2011 (Saturday)

SHR is community and platform for interaction collaborations for different form of arts.


Jack Anderson (傑克)Music composition, Audio mixing, recording, mastering, audio electronics & programming, VST design, MAX/MSP

Interest: Experimental music, different forms of music and sound


1. 台北牯嶺街國際小劇場藝術節,《時光曲》-  声乐设计和表演
2. New era Drama and Visuals Department,
    Battle of the Draconians 斗法-新世神话白蛇舞台剧 - 原创音乐,Audio Installation Director 3. 陳頭頭詩集【無法並列的幽靈局部】- 音乐专辑制作
Jake FredericVocal, Melody and Lyrics composing
Interest: Jazz, Classical, Opera
Influence: 所有大马歌手

1. 寻找音乐精灵 2010, Top8 finalist.
2. 2009 EYS 新秀歌唱比赛 Top 3
3. 2010 Auto City Teen Idol, Finalist.
4. 校际歌唱比赛,冠军.

Jynnie LuaPiano, Composition

Interest - Jazz, POP
Influence: 所有大马创作歌手

1. Nicholas Teo,张栋梁歌迷演唱会2004
2. Concert Georgian Night II 2007
3. 新加坡 XQRJ 心情溶剂 Roadshow 2009
4. 新加坡 XQRJ 心情溶剂中文词曲创作比赛(总决赛-十二强)2009

Tok PhillipVocal, lyrics and song composing

Influence: Jonathan Davis, Steven Tyler, Axl Rose, M. Nasir, Corey Taylor, Ozzy Osbourn, Marilyn Manson, Point Blanc, KoRn, Aerosmith, Guns N Roses, Motorhead


opening for Yamaha (Wangsa Walk 2010);
Opening for Festival 2010 (UTAR);
Elements night 1, 2 and 3 (UTAR Setapak);
Guess Performer @ Hana Studio (Setapak); 


 Creative Story-telling Session
Performance: Trishomachine and Her Mojo Maker
Description: A hungry storyteller out hunting for children and adults to entertain.    
Performer: Sawittri Charun
Title of story: Tiki Tiki Tembo
Don't think it's kiddy listening to stories!
Sawittri, with her funny and dramatic style, dressed in an outstanding costume, with her sweet voice, is gonna lighten up your day with her humorous story.
It's a special and unique way of telling story!
Tikki Tikki Tembo is a Chinese-themed story set in ancient China, about a boy with an extremely long name.

Acoustic Singing Performance
Performers: Kok, 丫丫兹 & 楚楚
Date and Time:29-30/1 (Sat. & Sun.)

Performers: Kok, 丫丫兹 & 楚楚
Date and Time: 29-30/1 (Sat. & Sun.)

2010    歌曲入围《2010娱协奖独立原创歌曲》
            - 《妈妈》演唱:彭楚茵       
            - Mr Right不要耍赖》演唱:丫丫兹
2010    入围《2010娱协推荐新人》24强之一
2010    31/01 独立自资发行《Kok李诚洧DIY创作Demo专辑》
2009    2009 TVB8全球华人新秀冠军Yoke曾洁钰创作单曲《Mr Right不要耍赖》
2009    《透气》收录在【聆听大妈原创极品辑】
2009    签约为台湾华纳音乐版权旗下创作人
2009    ASTRO新秀2009原创冠军 - 《如果你是我找的人》

丫丫兹 梅婉宜

发表作品:     - 《花开》 郭小溦
- 《卡通人》 郭小溦
2010    所演绎的《Mr Right不要耍赖》入围《2010娱协奖独立原创歌曲》
2010    在《Kok李诚洧DIY创作Demo专辑》演绎三首歌曲
-Mr Right不要耍赖》
2008    随文集《我们的歌》发行《丫丫兹 我不要》创作Demo专辑

楚楚 彭楚茵

2010    在台湾《超级星光大道7》晋级为20
2010    所演绎的《妈妈》入围《2010娱协奖独立原创歌曲》
2010    在《Kok李诚洧DIY创作Demo专辑》演绎三首歌曲
2009    ASTRO新秀12


Acoustic Singing Performance
Performers: Blue Wish
Date: 29th Jan 2011 (Saturday)

Yi Fen's Biodata
Year 2005:
1. Achieved Merit in ABRSM Grade 8 in Solo Piano.

Year 2006:
1. Achieved Solo Piano Diploma (ATCL) from Trinity Board.
2. Played the main role in Musical "Midnight Puppet 2006".

Year 2007:
1. Achieved merit in ABRSM Grade 8 Solo Violin.
2. Started to sing in cafe.
3. Started to perform in wedding gigs and corporate functions.
4. 2nd violinist in National Youth Symphony Orchestra.
5. Backup singer for Serene Cheme's (詹雪琳)1st album launching and mini concert.
6. Represented Malaysia to Taiwan for "Sound of the Human World 2007" (2007人间音缘)(Role: Backup vocalist).

Year 2008:
1. Started music studies in UCSI University (Major is piano contemporary).
2. 1st violinist in UCSI University Symphony Orchestra.
3. Keyboardist for Serene Cheam's 2nd album launching.
4. Performed with Diplomats of Drums in Penang World Music Festival 2008, as violinist.
5. Sang caroling in Genting Highland around Christmas time.
6. Champion in Y2J (神木与瞳)singing contest.
7. Listed in UCSI University Dean List for Year 2008.
8. Backup singer for Andrew Chan (陈势安) in Halo Music Festival.

Year 2009:
1. Officially signed under Touch Music Publishing Company as composer-author.
2. Champion in "My Music 环球新声歌唱比赛", (Y2J - 神木与瞳 Category).
3. 1st runner up for the Ultimate Band Contest (Role: vocalist).
4. Listed in UCSI University Dean List for Year 2009.

Year 2010:
1. Performed in Klang Centro World Beer Festival (Role: Keyboardist and vocalist).
2. Invited to sing in Y2J - 神木与瞳 2nd album launching.
3. Participated in recording the Original SOUND Track for Midnight Puppet, singing the Doll's role and soprano choir sections.
4. Champion in "爱过99个场比赛”.
5. Invited to sing in 2010 海潮汇 ~ 慧灯普照 佛曲弘法会.
6. Participated in "Singing Market The Musical".